Daily Archives: December 1, 1994

British Car Ownership

By Dr. Rusty Bentley, AKA George E. Giese When do you own your car? No, I don’t mean just in the legal sense or the mere physical act of possession, but as an enthusiast, when do you really feel that your wheels are yours? As a former car salesman, I recognized that for many people…

At Full Chat: Winter 1994

Those were the days, my friends! By Harry Newton I recently came across the invoice from Perry Fina for that wonderful cast aluminum, three branch cut out exhaust system he sold me for my first MG TD, the green RHD car that got me hooked on this addiction that dictated the course of my life….

A Fair Lady, Finally!

By Anthony Ardolino The realization hit me as I was walking out of Pep Boys. In one hand I had a digital circuit tester and in the other I had an Auto Trend drip pan. Yup, I was finally going to own a British sports car. And it was about time, too. I had wanted…

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