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Tech Q&A: Summer 2003

By Kelvin Dodd SU Fuel Pump Retrofit I want to re-install the original SU electric fuel pump in my car, but the original steel lines have been cut. Is there any easy way of doing this? —John Campbell The original SU fuel pump is a very reliable unit, so refitting it is a good idea….

Tech – Battery Corrosion

To avoid acid residue build up on battery terminal posts and cable clamps, place a copper penny on top of the battery between the battery posts. (The copper penny will usually stay in place without falling oft) The copper in the penny will absorb the acid residue from the posts and keep the terminal posts…

Tech Tips: Spring 1991

MGB Trans. Mount Bushings T.L Goodell Concord, CA The following is my recommended procedure for installing the two rubber bushings (Moss #280-055) on the 1968-on MGB transmission rear mount. The smaller of the bushings two flanges is 1 1/4″ in diameter and about 1/4″ thick. The hole through which it must pass is only about…

Tech Tips: Summer 1996

When my ’68 Jaguar XKE needed a new clock battery, which is a small mercury cell 1.5 volt, I was informed that the EPA had banned the sale and disposal of mercury cells in California! Determined to have a working clock in the Jag, I modified the circuit, grind two pieces of insulated wire, approximately…

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