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The “S”

Jim Babcock’s 1967 MINI MK 1 By Jim McGowan The last MINI to be legally imported into the U.S. had to beat an in-country deadline of December 31, 1967. This ’67 Austin Cooper “S” MK I was a high school graduation present for its original and current owner, Jim Babcock. Jim first experienced MINI wonderment…


New Mini vs. Classic Cooper S

Has BMW bred the Britishness out of the new cutemobile? By Robert Goldman Photos By Bill Delaney While the recently deceased “classic” Beetle may forever hold the position of subcompact sales champion, one could argue that the classic Mini was a car of greater historical importance. Don’t believe me? Go out and purchase a new…

The New Mini

Evolution of an automotive icon Only about 10,000 Minis made it to U.S. soil during its 41-year, 5.3 million production run. Nevertheless, it isn’t hard to find die-hard American enthusiasts who worship the bold little statement. Now comes news that those smashing little Mini Coopers—based in part on the John Cooper inspired Minis of old…

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