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Electric Fan Cycling Solution

by Joel Justin If you’re like me, or should I say like my Triumphs, keeping their engines running cool in warm temps can be a challenge, especially when sitting at a stop light or in slow moving traffic in the summer. One thing I’ve done on some of my cars is to add an electric cooling fan…


A Car Club Mille Miglia

by Joel Justin & Neal Subic Background and Trip Prep Mille Miglia is Italian for 1,000 Miles. It’s a motor car race in Italy which took place between 1927 and 1957. It was originally a high speed open road race, and then evolved into more of a refined time-distance rally until it ended in 1957….


Paramount Ranch Tour

Coordinating a club event with a National Park site, especially one as busy with filming and other events as Paramount Ranch is, can be challenging, but on April 12th, it all worked out. The weather couldn’t have been more ideal – cool morning temperatures under beautiful sunny skies. Nineteen cars with 30 people met at…

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