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A Legacy of Love and Restoration

By Marissa Neely In the world of car restoration, the passage of time often intertwines with the preservation of memories, creating a tapestry of family bonds that transcends generations. It is a realm where grease-stained hands become the conduit for passing down not just mechanical skills but also a profound sense of heritage and tradition….


One in a Quarter Million

By Rodney McDonald After driving for an hour in a Gulf Coast downpour, we arrived at the warehouse address we were given. The roll-up door opened as we got out of our car and there it sat: a scruffy MGB GT in the oh-so-seventies color called Blaze. The hour’s drive was the last leg of…


Sir Leonard Lord BMC’s Chairman

Courtesy of the archives of Graham Robson The comic-strip definition of a tycoon is of someone who swishes around in a huge stretch limo, smoking huge cigars, and doing shady financial deals behind the backs of organized labor. Sir Leonard Lord was not like that, rather, by any standard he was a rough diamond. Often…


Mom’s TR

By Stephen England In the summer of 2006, George England took his last checkered flag. Mom’s car was mentioned prominently in his will: “The toss of a coin will determine which of my children shall take title to and become owner of my 1960 Triumph TR3A.” The toss landed tails, and after a lengthy estate…

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