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Portland ABFM

By Michael Kotowski Mind if I take a few measurements on this twelve footer?” I ask the guy at the trailer rental lot as I pull out my tape measure. “Go ahead,” he says, eyeing my classic Mini with a hint of suspicion. I measure the rear door and call out to my buddy Jeff,…


Made in South Africa – The Mini 1275 GTS

By John Schein In the past, the fabric of Mini history was thought to have been pulled asunder by the 1969 separation of John Cooper Racing from BMC. In reality it was kept intact, however, you had to travel to South Africa to find this small but important link in the Mini’s sporting legacy. When…



By Adam Ford The afternoon sun streams through the bay window, warming a patch of the floor where Seera and Teco lay on the rug. Teco sleeps, his head nestled on his front paws, unaware of the time of day, but Seera’s ears are alert for the familiar sound. A few cars pass by outside…


So Small It Could Only Be Called The Mini

By Graham Robson Have you ever driven a Mini? Or sat in one? How frequently do you see one on the road? In the United States, maybe not often—yet in the UK they were once as familiar as hot dogs, fries and Coke. In other words, they were everywhere. I bought my first new Mini…


Driven – 1967 Mini Cooper S

The Perfect Package The Mini deserves a place in the automotive pantheon alongside such legends as the Volkswagen Beetle and the Ford Model T. The diminutive vehicle was intended to spark a revolution in how small cars were conceived, manufactured and marketed and there is no doubt that the Mini was the result of a…


Manhattan Mechanic

Manhattan Mechanic By Norman Tuck I owe a debt to a handful of men, my friends and mentors from my past. I feel that it is important to offer a glimpse, however fleeting, of the lives of a diverse class of skilled workers who shared a love for British automobiles of the period, yet have…

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