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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

by Ross Robbins As caretakers of old cars we face a lot of skeptics when we plan to venture far from home. In fact, because of others’ skepticism, or even our own, many of us don’t take our old British iron much farther than our local cars and coffee. I think that is a shame….


Yes. In This Car. Part III

By Roy Locock So far, if you’re just now joining my MG Midget journey, I’ve traveled from Oxford, England, across Europe, through Iran, Pakistan and from the Himalayas to the south of India. Then, completing a 12,000 mile circuit of Australia, I drove “Bridget the Midget” across Argentina into Chile and up to the Peru…


The Brothers’ Road Trip

by Scott Macdonald If one turns the clock back to the city and school of Berkeley in 1969, it was a very tumultuous and crazy year with the Vietnam War and People’s Park. My brother Clyde and I were both glad to be wrapping up our terms at the University of California, and were itching…


The Joy of Discovery

By Robert Guinness The Moss Motoring Challenge has been a joy for many—and not just for the participants. Over the past eight years I have ventured out into the back roads of America looking for the unusual, the beautiful, and forgotten history as my take on the Challenge. As I traveled in my MGA through…


The Miracle of Mason City

By Dave Hauman Since 2000, when I watched The Great Race pass through in Bloomington, Illinois, it had been an aspiration of mine to participate. In 2016, when my 1970 Jaguar E-Type qualified, I, along with Kool Kat’s Krewe members Dave Fitch and Craig College, signed up to race. The course that year ran from…

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