Daily Archives: April 20, 1993

Italy’s Count Lurani- Aristocrat, Racer and More

When Count Giovanni “Johnny” Lurani took the starter’s flag at Brescia beginning the 1933 Mille Miglia, the young nobleman already had been racing sports cars for nearly a decade. The previous year. 1932, had seen the already famous amateur finish 9th overall in an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750. The 1933 event saw British cars competing for the…


Moss Motors Celebrates 45 Years of British Car Enthusiasm

Sometimes we take familiar things for granted, and it takes an outsider to bring things into perspective. Recently, a Lufthansa pilot visiting Santa Barbara, California, stepped into the Moss Motors showroom and asked the receptionist where the car show was being held. It seems he’d stopped at a gas station in the early morning and been…

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