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Two for the Road

Outstanding cars from the 2003 British Extravaganza By Leonard Emanuelson & Ken Smith Big shows such as the 2003 VARA/Moss Motors British Extravaganza this past May have more good stuff than will fit in one issue of British Motoring. We enjoyed the diverse range of rare, restored, and race-ready cars that descended on the Buttonwillow…

Tech Q&A: Fall 2003

By Kelvin Dodd Supercharger Stress I have a question about the MGB supercharger kit in the Summer 2003 issue: How does the use of a supercharger affect the stress experienced by the engine, piston connecting rods, etc.? —Tim Harrington The supercharger does a much better job of evenly filling the cylinders, so normal driving stress…


Protection Selection

Damage control for your car’s paint and interior By Jim McGowan Regardless of your British car’s vintage, make, or model, the only way to guarantee its continued survival is to protect it from garage encounters, road hazards, and Mother Nature’s fury. The best damage control technique is to be proactive rather than reactive: You don’t…


No. 106: The Most Famous Austin-Healey in America

The men who helped build a legend By Leonard Emanuelson Your mother was right—hanging out with the right people will breed success. That sage advice holds true for automobiles too. Number 106 rolled off the Austin-Healey assembly line in 1957 as a standard 100-6 production car. Except for numerous chance encounters with passionate Austin-Healey racers,…



By Kelvin Dodd A common concern among Jaguar owners is to balance the original look of their cars’ wire wheels with the demands of modern motoring. Moss Motors now has a solution to this quandary by offering an extensive line of original Dunlop Wire Wheels in a wide variety of sizes and spoke lacings. Whether…


Editorial: British Car Shows Breed Better Stories

By Robert Goldman This editorial was going to be a harangue about the lack of a truly big British car day in Southern California. We have as high a population of British classics here as anywhere in the U.S., yet it’s been years since Southern California could muster 500 cars all on the same day….

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