Daily Archives: October 12, 2008


Top Secrets

Almost Anyone Can Properly Install a Convertible Top While a convertible top can last 20-plus years if cared for properly, the day will come when it needs to be replaced. A piece of cloth can only last so long. While some people consider this a job for professionals, it’s really not that difficult—if you’ve got…


The Well Trained Ear

Longtime British car owners have evolved the ability to hear at a very special frequency. The medical name for this ability is long and hard to pronounce, so for the sake of conversation we will simply refer to it as “parts falling off.” The uninitiated might easily think a small stone has been kicked up…


Best Buddies

One of our customer service reps here at Moss Motors recently told me about two local guys—buddies George Heesen and David Ristig—who were in a friendly competition to see who could finish his restoration project first. Since the two cars they were working on would be featured in this issue of British Motoring, I thought…

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