Daily Archives: June 28, 2010


Richard Liddick, MG Leader

Richard Liddick admits he has a problem when it comes to MGs: “I can’t say no.” That’s why he’s Chairman of the North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) and president of MGs of Baltimore, and owns three MGs that he uses for different purposes. “I love that British car owners wave at one another. It’s a…


Pull-Handle MGBs: The Purest Form of an MGB

To gush enthusiasm and express affection for MGBs, which held the record as the world’s top-selling sports car for decades, we should really go back to the original model that debuted to the public in 1963. That’s when car enthusiasts first fell in love with them. MG designers Syd Enever and Don Hayter must have…


As the Gavel Falls – Classic Car Auctions

They’re the automotive equivalent of reality TV: today’s televised collector car auctions. Once the domain of just those in the know, these events have become a big deal thanks to their big prices, big lights, big ratings and big excitement. There’s a method to this sensory overload, assuming you can take in the whole picture….

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