Daily Archives: May 3, 2012


Dog’s Best Friend

Perhaps, he thinks she’s a toy. More, his playmate. Maybe, her diminutive size to his giant stature incites the Alpha strain in him. It could be that the attraction is in her guttural roar when the ignition key is turned. For whatever reason, our 170-lb Great Dane whose name is “Timi” has a special bond…


The Highs and Lows of Differential Gear Ratios

How do you determine what gear ratio you have? Sages will tell you to look for numbers on the case, which is great if: a.    you can find them, and b.    the gear set hasn’t been changed by a nefarious past owner. The easiest way to determine the gear ratio is to jack up the…


How to wire a relay for horns on MGB and other British cars

The power to the horns is pretty direct, and isn’t the issue (as it sometimes seems to be for the headlights). Your 73 MGB has a ground sided switch in the steering wheel. The idea is to take the full current out of that switch and instead run just milliamps through it, triggering the relay,…

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