Daily Archives: June 7, 2016


Less than Ideal Conditions

By Dave Mendenhall Artwork provided by Pam Johnson.  You can see more of her artwork on Facebook. I had been snow skiing with friends across the border in New Brunswick, Canada. It was 1968, I had Rossignals strapped to the ski rack of my 1963 TR4, and I had a 150-mile trip in a monster…


Vintage Victor

For earning the most points with a pre-1960s vehicle in the 2015 Motoring Challenge, Scott and Nancy Gilbert won the Vintage Victor Award. This is their story: My wife Nancy and I are privileged to be the current custodians of MGTD #16872, otherwise known as Sassy Cathy. She came to me from my cousin who…


The Safety Dance

When an Austin-Healey 100 and Triumph TR3 were new, they held a significant performance edge over family sedans such as the Chevrolet 210 and Ford Fairlane, with faster acceleration, better braking and nimbler handling. Today, however, even a Toyota Camry or Ford Explorer will not only out drag the fastest Healey, MG or Triumph by…

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