Denis Welch Dies in Silverstone Racing Accident

Portimao-44-e1403273384471Historic racer  and parts supplier Denis Welch, 69, was killed in an accident at the Silverstone Classic on July 27, 2014.

The incident occurred while Welch was behind the wheel of a Lotus 18 during the second Jack Brabham Memorial Trophy Race for pre-1966 Grand Prix racing cars.  The multi-car shunt occurred on the initial lap of the Flag Race and collected several other cars during the accident sequence. After contact with another car the Lotus rolled which led to a red flag to allow for medical personnel to respond on track. Welch was  transported to the Silverstone Medical Centre where he was pronounced dead by medical officials.

A statement was issued by the race organizers which said: “It is with great regret that we have to report that Denis Welch succumbed to his injuries in the circuit’s medical centre. All those involved in the event offer sincere condolences to family and the friends of Denis Welch at this very sad time.”1406541045JS42927209

Welch was a well-known and accomplished racing driver and he was considered one of the finest suppliers for performance Big Healey and Jaguar parts. He is survived by his wife Tina and his son Jeremy who had previously taken over the daily running of the parts business.

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