Ssh… I’ve Got a Secret

by Robert Goldman

Actually, I’ve got two secrets, and they’re busting at the seams to get out. They say, if you tell too many people it won’t be a secret any more, so please don’t share what I am about to tell you, except with folks you trust.

Ten plus years ago, we relocated our east coast warehouse from New Jersey, to Virginia. The move gave us almost ten times our former space, more than we needed, but it future proofs us in terms of growth. You see, the plan/hope was to expand to fill that space.

Just over two years ago we purchased a west coast Jaguar parts company, XKs Unlimited. They’re on the west coast. Did I already mention that? Let’s see, new line of Jaguar parts in California… extra warehouse space in Virginia. To paraphrase an old line, yes Virginia, you’re getting a new supply of Jaguar repair and restoration parts. And they’re right in your own back yard.

We now have the XKs business integrated into our primary ERP (Electronic Resource Planning) system, and this means we can finally process Jaguar orders in Virginia. While there will be a minor ramping up process to inventory availability, our east coast friends can expect to see a significant reduction in shipping times.

As with all of our British business, there is a process to balancing inventory. Odds are we need more rust repair panels on the shelf in VA than in CA. That should be obvious. However, there will be a few inevitable hiccups as we balance inventory demands. Making the process even more challenging, as we stock up in Virginia, we are also sending Jaguar inventory to Moss Europe. Ooh, a bonus secret revealed. Moss Europe is going Jaguar, too.

AL Moss Sports car hall of fame wheel

Moss Motors has a long history in the Jaguar market. In fact, at one time we were a Jaguar car dealer. Heck, my mom even crashed a Welbike into the door of a Jag sedan at the Santa Barbara Airport Races. I wonder where the car is today? The Welbike is still around. It needs a new front fork, but those are available in the UK.

The second “secret” I wanted to reveal is what the gentlemen behind the Coventry Foundation ( are up to. They have emerged as a shining example of what a few dedicated individuals can accomplish. Not only have they established a vibrant and growing backstop of Jaguar knowledge and original factory tools and materials, but they have also recently branched into another highly creditable venture.

So now, channeling Monty Python, we out secret number two. The British Sports Car Hall of Fame is not dead yet. After a stellar beginning in 2017, the Hall has had some minor stumbles. As indicated in their press release (page 24 in this issue), the Coventry Foundation have stepped up to carry forward John Nikas’ original vision. I’m not privy to all their plans, but I believe we can expect the British Sports Car Hall of Fame to become a primary and lasting resource in the preservation of our British sports car heritage. Congratulations to the Coventry Foundation. You folks are great, and will no doubt do a fantastic job.

I love spilling the beans. MM

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