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The History Of British Racing Green

by Amanda Lundquist Despite being well-known in the classic car community, British Racing Green has a bit of an air of mystery to it. It’s immediately recognizable, and yet many colors bear its name, from the lighter GN. 25 to the deep, almost black tones seen on Jagaurs. There are often jokes on forums wishing…


Taking The Lead

Dear Mr Stuursma, I read your magazine with great interest. I pass along these ramblings of an old man and, as such, are not intended for publication. When I left High School in England, I was interviewed by the then Mr William Lyons and other board members, and was accepted by Jaguar Cars in Coventry…


Growing up at Jaguar

Growing up at Jaguar By Graham Robson It was a coincidence, really. I was enormously lucky, fell on my feet in one of the most famous companies in the world, and have never forgotten the great times I had while I was there. It all started at Oxford, where I was reading Engineering, and was…


Loss of a Legend

by Tom Colby There are in our lives people who inspire us to persevere and help us to do whatever it is that we do. John Sprinzel is one of those people in my life. John, in England in 1957, you take your mother’s Austin A35 to a Hill Climb, and win the event. This…


Bob Tullius, Group 44 Inc.

Bob Tullius is legendary as a driver, race team owner and motorsports marketing innovator for Triumph, British Leyland and Jaguar. He ran one of the most successful road racing teams from the 1960s through the ’80s, and campaigned so many of our favorite cars: MGB, Midget, Spitfire, TR3, TR4, TR6, GT6, TR7, TR8 and XKE….


Norman Dewis: A Jaguar Legend

By Graham Robson Like all the best racing drivers that may be listed on betting sites such as 벳엔드, Norman Dewis was a stocky little man. Like all the best racing drivers, he had boundless self-confidence. But although he looked the part, and was as fast as the superstars he befriended at Jaguar, Dewis was…


On Those Who Built the MGB

Of my many visits to Abingdon in the seventies, it always surprised me that many of the men and women who labored at the “Gee,” as the plant was known, didn’t even own a car, never mind an MG. Most of them traveled to and from their modest homes, located in the surrounding rural countryside,…


The Origin of the Legendary E-Type, 60 Years in the Making

by Graham Robson March 15, 1961—a special date for Jaguar enthusiasts—it was the moment when the new E-Type met its public for the first time. It was the day almost every other sports car in the world suddenly looked dowdy, when Jaguar realized to their joy that they would have real problems in meeting all…


The Kid with the E-Type

by Dennis Wheeler In 1969, I was 15. I had run the typical teenage gamut of go-carts, small Honda motorcycles and doin’ wheelies with our MTD lawn tractor. A few of us hung out on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue observing the street machines often racing on cool Friday nights. My uncle Glenn would stop by our…


The Brothers’ Road Trip

by Scott Macdonald If one turns the clock back to the city and school of Berkeley in 1969, it was a very tumultuous and crazy year with the Vietnam War and People’s Park. My brother Clyde and I were both glad to be wrapping up our terms at the University of California, and were itching…

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