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On Those Who Built the MGB

Of my many visits to Abingdon in the seventies, it always surprised me that many of the men and women who labored at the “Gee,” as the plant was known, didn’t even own a car, never mind an MG. Most of them traveled to and from their modest homes, located in the surrounding rural countryside,…


Boomer Drive II TrudyToo is Reborn a TR250

by Paul Dico My love affair with Triumph sports cars began my junior year in high school, 1978. I have been an auto enthusiast since my father owned an AMC JEEP dealership in the early 1970s. I would ride my bike to the dealership after school. My father wanted me to understand everything, one department…


Mark’s Car

by Kurt Matter As I write this, it’s been over fifty years since my brother Mark was killed in Viet Nam. The flag from his casket sits on a shelf in my living room. When he died, we as a family mourned our loss and celebrated our memories, but I was additionally heartbroken that I…


Taking the Lead

by Ken Prather I really enjoyed your write-up on Jack Merryman in the last issue. Glad you got to meet him. He’s the guy that introduced me to the engine dyno back in 1982. I have a quick story for you. I started sports car racing in 1979 with my G Production MGA. I have…


The Five Minute Rule

by by Tom Pollak From personal experience working on my MGA 1600 since 1971, I have learned something that I often give as advice to anyone doing a project that they really want to complete. This is what I tell them: Every day, if you are serious about completing the project, you have to work…


Lesson After Lesson After Lesson Learned

by Keith Wylde I bought a running 1964 E-Type in 1974. The car had problems, but some fiberglass patches, Bondo, and a backyard paint job made them easy to overlook. The car was fast, fun, and became a daily driver for a couple of years, but the car needed constant attention. Also, every time I…


The Le Mans MGB in Traffic

by the late Graham Robson Before Graham passed away last year he asked what topics I wanted him to write about for Moss Motoring. So often he wrote about leaders who influenced the British car industry, but my favorite stories of his were when he gave readers a look into highlights of his own life…


The Early Years

by Keith Carlson Spring of my college freshman year, I bought the TC I’d coveted for 10 years since their appearance here after the war, just as we had years earlier pressed our parents to buy us the thin-frame, thin-tire English bikes, de riguer in our Chicago suburb. Our fraternity had three TDs, a TR2…


Braking News

by Eric Glomstad My 1970 MGB had a braking problem. The left rear would sometimes lock up and the tire would skid on hard braking. However, there was no evidence of leaking fluid on the bottom edge of the drum. In addition, the e-brake was not working, no matter how hard I pulled the handle….

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