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My Buddy Dave

By Keith Daniel I met Dave the summer my family moved to the country. He lived a short walk or shorter bike ride down the road, and by the second day we were best friends. His dad had a fantastic garage and hustled a buck on the side by clearing out things people wanted to…


A Convergence of 350 MGs

By Kathleen M. Mangan A single-marque car event is different from a British car show. What impresses at these gatherings is the number of same-model cars that line up together. Your focus turns to the details, appreciating a bit of craftsmanship or an innovative solution to a mechanical problem. The shared experience feels like you’ve…


MGs Rule at Mid Ohio

MGs Rule at Mid Ohio, October 12-14, 2007 By Greg Prehodka, MG Vintage Racers; photography by Daniel Mainzer and  John Ruth It was almost a perfect weekend! The MG Vintage Racers had their annual “Focus Event” with VSCDA at Mid-Ohio in October, where all MGs were encouraged to come out and race. They came from Massachusetts to California…

Tonk's MGTD

Tonks’ Toys: MGs Across the Valley

About 33 years ago, Don Don Tonks wanted a Model A Ford. He came across a Morris Garage machine during that quest. Now 82 years old, Don has never owned a Model A, but he’s collected quite a few MGs. Some of the cars came to Don in boxes, while others came as rollers. While…

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