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Triple Play

By Ken Smith Moss Motors might be in their 60th year, but you can’t say they don’t get around. The first weekend in May saw the Moss crew scattered across the USA at three major venues. We reported on their attendance at HSR Classic Motorsports Mitty in our last issue. However, during that same time…


Loud Pedal: The Well-Trained Ear

By Robert Goldman Longtime British car owners have evolved the ability to hear at a very special frequency. The medical name for this ability is long and hard to pronounce, so for the sake of conversation we will simply refer to it as “parts falling off.” The uninitiated might easily think a small stone has…


Import Carlisle: Soggy, but Fun

By Kathleen M. Mangan Thanks to this year’s British Invasion theme, the Carlisle Import/Kit-Replicar Nationals—held May 16-18 in Carlisle, Penn.—had a great turnout among all of the British marques. The sun’s rays on Saturday added sparkle to the chrome trim and smiles on the faces of foreign car enthusiasts. The cheerful, topdown day was unfortunately…


A Convergence of 350 MGs

By Kathleen M. Mangan A single-marque car event is different from a British car show. What impresses at these gatherings is the number of same-model cars that line up together. Your focus turns to the details, appreciating a bit of craftsmanship or an innovative solution to a mechanical problem. The shared experience feels like you’ve…

Maggie and Long-term Storage

Maggie Mae is on the road again. After nine years of storage, Maggie, a 1957 MGA, is back where she belongs. Rousing her from her slumber and putting her back on the road proved to be almost effortless, thanks in part to a little care and forethought taken when I put her into self storage….

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