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Taking the Lead

by David Stuursma I don’t do this often, and maybe I’m making a mistake by telling about it. Oh well, I still recommend it. Sometimes when I’m traveling away from home, one thing I like to do is to look up the British restoration shops that happen to be around where I’m at and just…


Of Sprites and Triumphs – A Life of Cars

By Mike Downs In my early teens I got a job at a foreign car parts store in Falls Church, Virginia. A couple years later I became a mechanic in a foreign car garage that was once a horse stable and still had a dirt floor. The attic above the tin plate ceiling was a…


Shop Focus – Porter Customs

Having walked through the doors of countless shops that work on British sports cars, it seems as if an overwhelming majority are small, cramped and packed to the rafters with parts accumulated over the decades. In this respect, Porter Customs is no different than hundreds of other specialty shops around the country. What sets this…


Here to Stay

My parents moved to the states from England. Fortunately for me they brought their beloved Mini with them. Classic British cars are my life, and always will be. As kids, my twin brother and I spent countless weekends riding around in the back of the family Mini Cooper searching out interesting and fun British cars….


Midlife Classics

I bought this ’68 sprite from an uncle-in-law in Modesto, CA, back in 1985 after seeing it languishing on his driveway on Thanksgiving Day. It had been painted blue over a white paint job over the original red.  And, the Bondo patches were visible from at least 20 feet away. But, with just a little coaxing, it fired right…

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