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Moss: We Are Honored to Carry the Name

Al Moss, the founder and spirit of Moss Motors passed away Tuesday night, September 25, 2012. Here in our building and in our catalogs, too, Al’s presence is still palpable and will be, we hope, as long as we are in business. We are better because of it. Moss Motors didn’t start out to be…


Here to Stay

My parents moved to the states from England. Fortunately for me they brought their beloved Mini with them. Classic British cars are my life, and always will be. As kids, my twin brother and I spent countless weekends riding around in the back of the family Mini Cooper searching out interesting and fun British cars….


Sparking the Next Generation

In recognition of the challenges the classic car hobby faces with an aging population of enthusiasts, the MG Car Club Northwest Centre has been exploring new approaches toward fostering interest among the younger generation. There is a vocational high school in our area that has a sophisticated and large automotive technology program. Early this year,…


It Was a Canyon Racer’s Playground

I always knew where Mulholland Drive was though I didn’t find out just who Mulholland was for many years. I was raised near this epic road carved in the mountain, and when I got my first car I headed straight there. I believe the day Mulholland Drive was created—sometime around 1924—someone drove it fast. Famous…


A Day with Grace

My friends, if I had any, would tell you I’m not famous for charitable enterprise. In other words, if someone were to recommend we spend the day helping little old ladies cross the street, that someone likely would not be me. Grace, the Drive Away Cancer Austin Healey we’ve been following these many months, on…

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