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At-home rust-busting with no pits or errors By Jim McGowan & Kelvin Dodd It’s very quiet, works day and night, and eventually turns your valuable parts into flaky, brown powder. They say that rust never sleeps (unlike some of our restoration projects), and this demon is the enemy of almost all metals on the planet….


British Value Guide: TR250/6

By Rick Feibusch The Triumph TR6 just might be the last mid-sized British roadster bargain. While exceptional examples are in the $15,000 area, very presentable drivers can still be had for about ten grand. This buys a gutsy little roadster with lots of bottom end, a snarly exhaust note, and an interior that can accommodate…


Alternator Upgrade

Moss’s new kit juices up MGAs and early Bs By the Moss development staff Technological advancements allow today’s cars to be more reliable than ever. Although true purists demand period authenticity, people who want to spend more time driving their British sportscars and less time repairing them generally embrace advancements. Knowing this, Moss Motors’ latest…


The 10,000-Mile TD

Or, How I Spent my Summer Vacation By Rick Malsed Ever since I was a teenager, I dreamed about owning a T-Type MG. After 40 years, I finally bought my dream: an Austin-Healey blue/gray-bodied, black-winged TD that I named MaGgie in honor of Maggie, my little black-and-white Shih Tzu companion and navigator (she thinks). But…


TR6 Clutch Replacement

Fixing the friction, upgrading the flywheel By Rob Mullner The days of learning something via the “trial and error” method are rapidly disappearing now that the Internet can connect you with a person or a blog that’s done exactly what you are contemplating (no matter how strange or scintillating). Applying this phenomenon to the TR6,…

Tech Q&A: Spring 2005

By Kelvin Dodd MGA Disc Brake Conversion I have a 1958 MGA and would like to change the front brakes from drum to discs. I have wire wheels. What’s the best way to do this? Is there a kit available or can I do the conversion with stock MGA or MGB parts? —Tony Colima Moss…


One Man and His Healey

A 30-year quest for the perfect time machine By Ken Smith Michael Grant is in charge of product management at Moss Motors, and he lusted after a Big Healey for the longest time. Seeing him drive into the Moss parking lot recently after his daily 45-mile commute from the Santa Ynez Valley, we decided to…


MGB Floor Pan Replacement

Do it yourself and save $500—and your shoe’s soles? By T. Keith Vezina, British Motoring Club New Orleans Floor pans are one of the most rust-prone areas of British sportscars. Rust has a way of hiding and prospering under carpeting. Once rust is discovered, carpeting becomes a way to keep it out of sight and…


George Chilberg: Vintage Racer

By Len Emanuelson  George Chilberg couldn’t help but be a car enthusiast. As he was growing up in Pasadena, California, his grandfather—who owned a Packard dealership—planted the seed. It’s hard to ride around in cars as grand as the Packards of the ’30s without being permanently influenced by them. His father had a profound effect…

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