2013 Motoring Challenge Winners


The victor of the 2013 Moss Motoring Challenge is a winner in oh so many ways! Bryan Hutchinson, the driver of a 1973 MGB named “Maggie” took on the Challenge with his family and then took it a step further.

At dinner one evening I asked my girls to help answer some questions: Could we find some way to make the 2013 Motoring Challenge a part of our charity focus this year? What if we thought big? How could we do something that would honor my brother and his family, raise some money for charity, challenge us and be fun all at once? From that conversation we developed a very simple plan: Enter the Challenge and raise money for every point we earn.

And Miles with Maggie was born. You may have read about Miles with Maggie in the Winter issue of Moss Motoring magazine. The article has been released online here: Miles with Maggie. Bryan and Maggie achieved no small feat. Ask any Challenger and they’ll tell you the 50-point mark alone required determination. To reach 110 points takes something special. It takes drive and motivation. Bryan and Maggie certainly found theirs and ran with it all across the country!

Miles with Maggie raised money for the Susan G. Komen and Autism Speaks organizations. We here at Moss never asked or expected anyone to take advantage of the Motoring Challenge this way, but we’re tickled that the Hutchinson family did! We’re also told Miles with Maggie will be making a return for the 2014 Challenge…we couldn’t be happier. And we welcome competitors to follow Maggie’s example.

The battle of the top place finishers was ridiculously close, and it’s safe to say these Challengers knew it would be a tight race too. How tight was it? See for yourself:

1st Place: Bryan Hutchinson — 110 Points — Wins $1000 Moss Gift Certificate!
2nd Place: Pat and Ron Wharton — 109 Points — Wins $500 Moss Gift Certificate!
3rd Place: David McCann — 108 Points — Wins $250 Moss Gift Certificate!
4th Place: Olive Wilkison and Philip Striegl — 106 Points (Ten runners-up win $50 Moss Gift Certificate)

Forth place is more than simply an honorable mention here. Theirs is a story we’re proud to share—you see, the road warrior pair of Olive and Philip are both in their 80s! It’s well worth your time to take a couple minutes to read their story: Adventure of Two Lifetimes.

All of the more than 600 Challengers of 2013 have our heartfelt thanks for taking part and motoring all around the country in cars that bring smiles to the faces of car lovers everywhere. Moss sends a special “thank you!” to our champions. We will also be rewarding the top three for their efforts with Moss Gift Certificates of $1,000, $500 and $250! No doubt they already have in mind how they’ll spend their winnings.

The Ten runners-up (All win $50 Moss Gift Certificates):
#4 – Olive and Philip Striegl — 106 Points
#5 tie – P.J. Lenihan — 90 Points
#5 tie – Cecil Wise — 90 Points
#6 – Ken Mohlman — 85 Points
#7 – Ned Shields — 82 Points
#8 – Robert Rushing — 79 Points
#9 – Mike and Elizabeth Thompson — 77 Points
#10 – David Losh — 76 Points
#11 – Justin Handy — 73 Points
#12 tie – Carl Josefson — 71 Points
#12 tie – Edgar Moss — 71 Points

Photos from Miles with Maggie

(Some photos were not intended for points but are fun sights encountered along the way!)


Heavy rain or not, 'Z' was a hard point to get.
Heavy rain or not, ‘Z’ was a hard point to get.



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  1. March 15, 2014 @ 7:31 am Guy Staff

    What great inspiration, the Hutchinson family knows how to take on a challenge with style…AND…drive an MG.


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