2019 Moss Motorfest Highlights

The weather was properly British.
Prior to the event we fielded the inevitable phone calls: “I’m driving down and it’s supposed to rain. Just checking to make sure Motorfest is still on…”

We celebrate Motorfest primarily as a way to say thanks to you. It’s important for us to be able to meet customers face-to-face, so much so that we send quite a few of our staff from Goleta to share in the busy weekend in Virginia. We weren’t about to let scattered showers spoil our party.


It did help that there was plenty to see and do indoors.

At the Friday pre-party we cleared space in the receiving area of the warehouse, brought in a couple hundred chairs, and gave a microphone to Tim Suddard of Classic Motorsports magazine. Tim played host to a panel discussion with Moss executives, including chairman, Robert Goldman and president, Ed Moss. The audience asked some darn good questions about our operations, and we enjoyed sharing insight into our work.


For our Miata-owning friends, we brought in Tom Matano whose design of the original Miata places him among the elite in the field. The great thing is, Tom is approachable and as easy-going as they come.


While the cars and showgoers were getting drizzled on, others shopped for parts, or went on guided tours of the facility, or watched our expert upholsterers work their trade. It was a fine day to be a gearhead.

We’ll have our next Motorfest in the early summer of 2021. Rain or, preferably, shine, we hope you’ll join us!

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