Making a Splash!

By Derwood Schrotberger

A friend recommend that I send you photos of my car from when we ventured a 200-mile trip to a British car outing at a farm in western North Carolina where they have a large private lake. I was inspired to make a “splash” impression. Did this canoe carrier surprise folks? Yes… at least those who don’t know me.




This is my first car that my wife Beverly and I bought in 1963, and I’ve been a Moss customer nearly since then. I took the TD down to the frame in 1965 while in grad school. Drove it daily for another 40+ years—including teaching my wife and daughter how to drive. Broke a half shaft and the car sat in the garage for three years until I retired and did a proper frame off restoration.
Recently, Beverly and I completed our bucket list of driving this car “to and through” all lower 48 States and each of the Canadian provinces on our northern border. In all our years together, the only time the car was ever on a trailer was one ten-mile trip because a screw came loose in the distributor… which we fixed a half hour later.

MGs till the roads wear out.

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