Issue 1, 2024


ISSUE 1, 2024

Welcome to Issue 1, 2024 of Moss Motoring. Immerse yourself in a vast range of stories that range from personal profiles, to technical advice, and more. We promise it’s a ride worth your while. Browse the articles below.

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The Uphill Battle

By Todd Morris A few years ago, our family completed our build of a 1964 Austin-Healey Sprite race car. We got it street legal, drove it everywhere around town, explored our local backroads, and ran some track days with it, too. But I wanted more of a challenge. I wanted to really race it! I…

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A Different Kind of Survivor MGB

By John Conkie I bought my 1975 MGB new in my last year of college. After graduation I was stationed as an Army officer at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Originally from the East Coast, I quickly fell in love with the natural beauty and outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest. And my MG took me on…

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One in a Quarter Million

By Rodney McDonald After driving for an hour in a Gulf Coast downpour, we arrived at the warehouse address we were given. The roll-up door opened as we got out of our car and there it sat: a scruffy MGB GT in the oh-so-seventies color called Blaze. The hour’s drive was the last leg of…


Humble Beginnings

By Dominic Ruffalo When I was growing up, both of my grandpas instilled in me a love of classic cars. Outings with either of them often included attending local cruise nights and car shows. I learned from them at a young age to identify makes and models of vintage automobiles. I was hooked. One day…


Leaving the Preservation Class

By Keith Daniel Back in the latter half of the last century I restored my Austin-Healey. All new metal front to back on the bottom 12 inches. Went through the brakes, hoses, belts, starter and generator. Just an amateur restore, not a frame-off, but turned out pretty good. Got my friend with a body shop…


A Legacy of Love and Restoration

By Marissa Neely In the world of car restoration, the passage of time often intertwines with the preservation of memories, creating a tapestry of family bonds that transcends generations. It is a realm where grease-stained hands become the conduit for passing down not just mechanical skills but also a profound sense of heritage and tradition….

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A Short Tale

By Ned Surleth With most of our projects hibernating during this season of winter wonder, I thought, why not snuggle up to a cozy fire with a hot-toddy and share a yarn I call the “Post-Holiday Hot Wires.” Comfortable?Here goes… Once Upon a time in a land called Tenn-Es-See there lived an old geezer who…


Taking The Lead

Dear Mr Stuursma, I read your magazine with great interest. I pass along these ramblings of an old man and, as such, are not intended for publication. When I left High School in England, I was interviewed by the then Mr William Lyons and other board members, and was accepted by Jaguar Cars in Coventry…


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