The History Of British Racing Green

by Amanda Lundquist Despite being well-known in the classic car community, British Racing Green has a bit of an air of mystery to it. It’s immediately recognizable, and yet many colors bear its name, from the lighter GN. 25 to the deep, almost black tones seen on Jagaurs. There are often jokes on forums wishing…


Pandemic Projects

When the world is topsy turvy, there are some of us who find sanctuary in a garage and peace of mind with the turn of a wrench. Joseph LeamingMy ’79 Spitfire was part of an elderly man’s extensive collection of dilapidated Spitfires that were left abandoned when he passed away, his children uninterested. The gentleman…


The Man Behind the Curtain

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Having been recently forced to subject myself to public scrutiny, at least among British Motoring readers, I feel it’s my civic duty to tell you all about the real puller of levers. You see, I’m just the apparitional talking head, with fire and smoke spouting from…


Escaping the Junkpile

I had a friend at work that was looking for a MG Midget. He found one on Craig’s List that was located near where I lived.  As he knew that I had some prior experience with MGs, he asked me if I would go with him to look at it and help appraise it.


My First Sportscar

*This essay was written way back in 1984. All the cars mentioned are now just memories, except the 1968 Mercedes, which is still my favorite car and still bears the cut in the rubber bumper guard. The Alfa Romeo is now owned by the girl’s brother and is sitting in a barn waiting restoration, but…


A Wedding Triumph

One fall day in my early childhood my father was readying his cars for an event. Usually, he would tinker on one or two at a time, but never all four at once. It turned out that my uncle requested the use of all the families’ classic cars in a brilliant and bold procession from…


Let’s Be Careful Out There

A close friend of mine was once married to Michael Conrad who is best remembered for his Emmy Award winning portrayal of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus on the police drama Hill Street Blues. In his role as the soft-spoken squad leader, Conrad was known for his parting words to his officers at the end of each…


Yes. In This Car. Part III

By Roy Locock So far, if you’re just now joining my MG Midget journey, I’ve traveled from Oxford, England, across Europe, through Iran, Pakistan and from the Himalayas to the south of India. Then, completing a 12,000 mile circuit of Australia, I drove “Bridget the Midget” across Argentina into Chile and up to the Peru…


Father’s Day Gifts for the British Car Guy

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to take a look at some perfect gifts from interhampers for the British car guy to give or receive this summer. We’re going to set our sights further afield for some suggestions that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone that loves Little British…


Still Crazy After All These Years

My father was a wonderful man, devoted and nurturing to his four children. This was especially true of his two sons, who he taught character, self-reliance, and ability to self instruct. I suspect the last was foremost in his mind in 1964 when he “loaned” me, a college junior dweeb, the magnificant sum of $1,000…

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