A Smart Aleck’s Guide to Buying a Spitfire

By Sid Bridge I recently bought my first British Roadster—a 1980 Triumph Spitfire. I wanted an MG or a Triumph ever since I was 12, but I never had the guts to buy one given all the warnings I would get from responsible adults. I’m an adult now. Responsible? That would depend on your definition….

British Car Fun & Games

Many local clubs are now contemplating organizing small tests of driving skill in what are known as funkhanas. a word which comes from a juxtaposition of Fun and Gymkhana, while other locals have gaming computers for people to play games like WoW Classic and you can even buy wow gold for this game as well….

What To Do During the Long Winter

While many clubs have comprehensive winter programs, we know there are many others wondering what to do in the long winter months. Some clubs seem to dry up when those dark and cold nights appear, so we’ve put together the following list of suggestions on Indoor club activities that might be of interest to your…


Built to Last

By Ed Sweeney My father is a craftsman. Not by trade, as he spends his days managing an industrial machine shop. Many of the same standards apply, but it’s much less of an artistic endeavor. He saved that skill set for home, which allowed me to observe the process. Rebuilding his MGB in the garage…


“Yes. In This Car.”

By Roy Locock I am a traveler, a gypsy, nomad, drifter or any of the names given to people who feel they don’t have roots. I have always been this way. I am curious. I want to know what’s over the next hill, and then the next. Between my teens and my sixties I held…


In the Pursuit of Happiness

Shortly after getting my driver’s license I learned how to speed. Going fast was fun and going faster was more fun. The reality of it was, I grew up in rural Michigan and my first car was a Spitfire with a blown head gasket and rust everywhere. Old license plates were used to reinforce the…

The Club Scene – Summer, 1992

Occasionally, my wife Barby will let me drive her 1952 MG TD down to the beach; other times I can take the Moss 1959 TR3 for a spin over the beautiful Santa Ynez mountains that frame Goleta, and friend of mine with a Bugeye Sprite can be coerced into the loan of the car for…


Adventures Await!

Story by Carol Joy Patterson and photos by Ralph Saulnier It started with a trembling right hand. Or, maybe much earlier, after a serious head injury when I permanently lost my sense of smell. Anyway, there I was with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I’d already beaten four cancers and was in a holding pattern with…


As the Gavel Falls – Classic Car Auctions

They’re the automotive equivalent of reality TV: today’s televised collector car auctions. Once the domain of just those in the know, these events have become a big deal thanks to their big prices, big lights, big ratings and big excitement. There’s a method to this sensory overload, assuming you can take in the whole picture….


Not So Tight

By Bob McCowan My story begins with my first acquisition of a Triumph TR3. In January 1959 I returned to the US after spending 15 months as a Marine fighter pilot in the Far East. I was in need of a car after failing to purchase a Mercedes Benz 190SL in Tokyo at a discounted…

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