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A car is more than a medium of transport. What better way to celebrate than by hearing stories of what you named your car and why? We received tons of entries, and had a great time going through them. A big thanks to all for participating! It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National Name Your Car Day with our enthusiastic Miata community. Here are the top three winners and some great entries that we wanted to share with you all. Take a look and enjoy!

  • Nick Rose: I’ve always referred to mine as “Poorsche”. While it’s not nearly as fast as a Porsche, it certainly excels in smiles per hour.
  • Michael Zanghi: My current car is named Roach Coach. Literally, picked it up at the San Pedro port and it was infested with roaches. Found this out on the 4 hour drive home when they decided to play tag on the dashboard cruising down the highway at 75mph…
  • Zoe Simpson: This is Poptart! Every time I get in to go out on a drive, I have the biggest, goofiest smile on my face- just like the face on Poptart! I want life to be fun and playful, and I felt as though Poptart really suited him. It’s a cute, fun name just like the car, and he has the beloved pop-ups headlights. Working on him has been a blast, as this is my first car ever and is proving to be my first-ever learning experience for working on cars as well. I’ve been repairing wiring left from the previous owner, whose plan was to continue taking him on track, putting a giant turbo setup on, and blowing him up. Now, I get to take care of a car like my baby. I have to buy an O2 sensor, filters, coilovers, window regulators, and some other stuff from you guys pretty soon, so a gift card would be awesome to help a broke college student out!
  • Andrew: My Miata’s name is Molly! The day before I bought the car, I had a dream that told me “her name shall be Molly.” When I went to pick her up the next day, I asked the owner if the car had a name and he said, “Molly” so the name stayed. However, my friends sometimes call her Mr. Miyagi due to one of them mispronouncing Miata at 3 in the morning and it caused us to laugh, so the name stuck for jokes.
  • Chandler: I named my car “Rosanna” after the TOTO song. Firstly, the car needed a girl’s name. It also needed to be named after a song. I though about some of my favorite songs and coincidentally, one of my favorites was a girl’s name, Rosanna. The Album cover on TOTO IV is the one in my profile picture, and is bright red, just like my miata. Lastly, the lyrics in the song described my emotion toward the car perfectly, “All I wanna do when I wake up in the morning is see your eyes, ROSANNA ROSANNA!”. So that pretty much sums up Rosanna The Miata’s origin!
  • Isaiah: 1992 miata NA6 “tsuki”.. The silver paint from the time I bought the car had many far from perfect spots, but was bright under the light of the moon. It was originally going to be Luna, but after realizing that Luna was common for silver and white cars, she had a last minute forever name change.. Been that way since then.
  • mx5greyghost: My Machine Grey Metallic ND RF is called “The Grey Ghost” because for the first month of ownership it was in the body shop more than it was in my garage due to an accident (first one since 1987 😑)
  • mira.the.miata: I named my Miata Mira, short for Miranda. At the time I was playing dota2 and one of the characters from the game came to mind when I was thinking of what to naming my little red Miata. Furthermore, Mira stands for wonderful and that is exactly what I was feeling when I had got her so the name fit perfectly. It also looks and sounds catchy.
  • Sam: I named my Miata Charlotte because of the spider stickers on the car. One on the dash and other on the side window. I messaged the 2nd owner of the car (he put 300k miles on her) after finally getting the glove box open and finding a picture of my Miata in there. On the back it said my Miata in 2008 won Miata of the month on after finding the post I messaged him. he told me he named the car spyder and he always had a rubber spider on the dash (which is now on his current ND) So since then the name Charlotte has stuck.
  • Brad Parker: One fine evening I was leaving my garage when I said “goodnight car” to my newly purchased NA Miata, but hark genius then did strike, ’twas akin to a choir of angels delivering the name to me themselves and thus I spoke: “Goodnight, Carl”. Since then that’s been his name, Carl is my homie and the best car ever.
  • Riley Mccarthy-Robertson: I bought my mariner blue miata from the daughter of the original owner. He made some tasteful mods and maintained it so I may continue to enjoy it to this day. Unfortunately he passed 3 years prior to me purchasing it. His daughter told me she had turned away many people but when she saw my friend and I light up and start singing “Pop up up and down headlights” she knew that we were the ones. In honor of the late man who made my car what it is, I named it after him. Earl will always live on so long as I’m breathing.
  • Al Arriaga: Just like in the play Cats, my car has multiple names. The first and most obvious is Me Otter. Who doesn’t love a good play on words? The second, a bit more personal, is Jen as in Jennifer Aniston. I’d love to be able to get in and turn her on everyday. 🙄
  • Justin Nelson: Cement Mixer.. When my daughter was in preschool, I strapped her in and dropped her off every morning prior to my 70 mile commute. One morning, her teacher keeps looking towards the camera monitor every few seconds to see what’s out there. As it was usually around dawn, she couldn’t see very well what was in the parking lot. I notice this and ask her what she sees to which her reply was “I thought I heard a cement truck running outside the front door”. She follows me out to see a little ‘94 Miata (with a bad exhaust leak) parked by the microphone.

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