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The 2006 Walter Mitty Challenge

On-track coverage from Road Atlanta By Kelvin Dodd; photos by R. Harrington, Scott R. Lear, & David S. Wallens Road Atlanta: Vintage racecars, vendors’ row, and a host of classic car enthusiasts make for one heck of a party. This year’s running of the Classic Motorsports Magazine Walter Mitty Challenge, held April 27-30, was no exception, as spectator counts and…


Write Seat: Fall 2006

Forces not fully understood By Robert Goldman To borrow part of a cartoon caption from the great Gary Larsen, “Suddenly, through forces not yet fully understood,” a field in the middle of seemingly nowhere became the locus of 1,100 MG cars. Standing there in the middle of the show, I felt as though I was up…


News: Summer 2006

20 Years Ago In Moss Motoring The summer 1986 issue of Moss Motoring carried a variety of interesting features, including a report on the Ocean-to-Ocean Tourist event, which departed from the Moss Motors facility in Rockaway, New Jersey, and eventually ended up in California. Forty-seven MG T Type cars – led by the famous Moss…


Write Seat: Spring 2006

By Robert Goldman There sat a straight, black TR4 with a for sale sign on the windshield. I’d been looking for one, and the presence of this machine at the Moss British Extravaganza was a convenient coincidence. The whole proceeding took on an air of inevitability, when upon speaking with the owner, it turned out…


Drive It!

The top 10 automotive adventures for 2006 The call of the open road. It’s what motivates us to forgo new dishwashers and remodeled guest rooms in favor of polyurethane suspension bushings and tube shock conversion kits. The true allure of these cramped, noisy, oil-burning little hulks is their ability to help us escape the shackles…

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