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Harry Webster – My Technical Mentor

By Graham Robson A twin-cam Le Mans engine, independent rear suspension for the Spitfire, modular body shells for the Herald, Spitfires which raced at Le Mans, front-wheel-drive for the Triumph 1300, fuel injection for the TR5, and an all-new overhead-cam engine for the Dolomite—all were innovations, and all were completed between 1956 and 1968, while…


So Small It Could Only Be Called The Mini

By Graham Robson Have you ever driven a Mini? Or sat in one? How frequently do you see one on the road? In the United States, maybe not often—yet in the UK they were once as familiar as hot dogs, fries and Coke. In other words, they were everywhere. I bought my first new Mini…


Major Success – The Morris Minor

Before the Mini made its mark as one of the most iconic British cars ever produced, Sir Alec Issigonis had already established a sterling reputation for brilliance with the Morris Minor. The first car built in the United Kingdom to sell more than one million units, the landmark Minor has been hailed as a design…

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