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No. 106: The Most Famous Austin-Healey in America

The men who helped build a legend By Leonard Emanuelson Your mother was right—hanging out with the right people will breed success. That sage advice holds true for automobiles too. Number 106 rolled off the Austin-Healey assembly line in 1957 as a standard 100-6 production car. Except for numerous chance encounters with passionate Austin-Healey racers,…


The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Mini in America

By Joy Keller Think back to America’s roads in the ’50s. Cities and towns were connected by long, straight stretches of highway. Detroit was cranking out hulking metal beasts that seemed to serve a single purpose: to take the American family to Grandma’s house on Sunday. It was a time for change, but American drivers…


Triumph in America

By Alan Paradise Triumph: just saying the name denotes a regal and victorious image. A car line that gained prominence in America by delivering small, nimble, intimate sports cars. A brand that over the past 50 years has gone from popular to abandoned, and, most recently, is quickly being elevated to cult-car status. When first…

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