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Triumph in America

By Alan Paradise Triumph: just saying the name denotes a regal and victorious image. A car line that gained prominence in America by delivering small, nimble, intimate sports cars. A brand that over the past 50 years has gone from popular to abandoned, and, most recently, is quickly being elevated to cult-car status. When first…


Sweating Bullets

The basics of show readiness By Geoff Wheatley What do judges look for at auto shows? At almost every car show that I attend, this is one of the most asked questions by classic car owners. For some unknown reason, many show participants believe the answer or answers are as difficult to obtain as the…


The Monza Run

By Paul Richardson My father, Ken Richardson, who was competition manager of Standard Triumph, organized an attempt on World Endurance Records with a TR3 at the Monza circuit in Italy—and I was to witness it. Ken decided to combine the record attempt with our family holiday on the Italian coast near Pisa. When the news…


Battle of Britain

A celebration of land and war By Ken Smith; photography by Jim Alling It hardly seems possible that it was over 60 years ago when the Royal Air Force took on the might of the German Luftwaffe in an air war that forever changed the course of human history. But it was, and on the…


Abingdon in the 1930s, Part III

To read earlier parts in this series, click the following links: Part 1 Part 2 In which Sam Bennett continues to describe life and times at the MG factory in the early days. By Marcham Rhoade Pressed steel used to make the chassis for the MGs, and the bodies came from Carbodies of Coventry. As…

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