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Tyee Triumph Club

By Kay Franklin Hailing from Washington State, the Tyee Triumph Club is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, long-time member Kay Franklin shares her experience and perspective on this tight-knit community of classic car owners: A big part of the fun and enjoyment of belonging to the Tyee Triumph Club is…


TR2 Golden Anniversary

By Paul Richardson The first Triumph TR2 was born in January 1953, designed and engineered to thrive in the flourishing American sports car market. The production run totaled 8,636 cars between summer 1953 and fall 1955. Many of these TR2s were shipped to the U.S., where they promptly made Triumph an exciting presence on the…


60 Years of Moss Motors

Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary 1948 to 2008 Story and photography by Moss Staff Editors Note: As a Moss customer for over 20 years I consider the Moss 60th Anniversary to be especially noteworthy. There are just a handful of companies catering to enthusiasts that can match the breadth and range of products that Moss offers…

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