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Car Art

Some people want their car to be precicely like it was when it was hastily driven off the factory floor to the transporter. All original, baby. And then there are folks like Steve Homewood who, with precious memories of years of youth spent in Montana and Wyoming, sent cut swaths of leather to the best…


Cars & Coffee – Adrian Mitu

When Adrian Mitu was an architecture student in Bucharest, Romania, he would often spend his idle moments lost in thought contemplating vintage and classic cars. After graduation in 2013, he decided to forego his chosen discipline and enter the world of automotive design. A fan of former BMW designer Chris Bangle – the creator of…


Car Art: Plan B

I met David Townsend in the vendor tent at the British Invasion car show in Stowe, Vermont, last year. I looked over his artwork and marveled at the detail. David introduced himself and after about a minute of conversation I knew this guy was the real deal. A commercial illustrator with an eye for high quality,…

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