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Missing Links – Austin-Healey TOX 611

The original Austin-Healey 100 was successful from the start through the winning combination of the inimitable styling penned by Gerry Coker and the surfeit of torque provided by the Austin A90 engine. Not content to rest on his laurels – and aware that challengers like the Triumph TR2 were real threats in the marketplace –…


Odd Duck – The Demola Healey

The Demola Healey was constructed by Carosserie Demola in Belgium for a minor noble named Barron Van Assche. The body was attached to BN1 chassis number 150649 and reportedly took four months to build. The car was presumably sold later on to an individual that fitted a blower to the engine and installed Alfin brake…


Reborn – The Healey 200

As an automotive designer, Freeman Thomas has styled some of the most iconic designs of the past several decades. The guiding hand behind the original Audi TT, the striking Volkswagen New Beetle, the imposing visage of the Chrysler 300C and the resurrection of the Ford Mustang, Thomas honed his skills at Porsche, Audi, VW and…

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