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Three Great Cars for the First-Time Restorer

We constantly hear from people who want to buy a classic car. They yearn for that sports car experience—a curvy road, a humming engine and a nice day to put the top down. Some want to do a frame-up restoration including windshield repair and transmission overhaul, while others just want a play car to take…


More than Beginner’s Luck

Restoration of a rare Triumph GTR4 Dove By Paul Richardson A restoration on any classic car is quite a challenge, but taking on a restoration with no mechanical training requires a special kind of enthusiasm. Gary Scott from Peterborough, England, completed the best example of this. As it turned out, this particular restoration was also…

Under The Bonnet: Torque Specifications

While not all of us were born with a wrench in our hand, we all can learn to work on our cars and be able to have confidence in the quality of the work. But such skill does not come easily nor quickly; it comes only through study and experience. Factory workshop manuals are written…

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