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I admit, I’m timid around people in costume. I didn’t walk up to Beth and Bill until the third time I attended Stowe. I just had to tell them thank you for the extra something special that they bring to the car show. It takes guts (though it seemed natural to them) and work to…


The Rude Awakening of a Dormant Bugeye

By Warren Mann “Hey Jon, just a heads up… six months till the Invasion!” On a cold March morning, I fired off a text message to my cousin, reminding him it might be a good time to dive into one of his Healey projects so that he’d be ready for the long drive to Stowe,…

Through the Windscreen: The Club Scene, Spring 1990

Looking through the many club magazines that were submitted for the Moss Journalism Awards (and I really have to congratulate you on your splendid efforts), there were a couple of features of club life that were the subject of comment and opinion over and over again. I noticed in several instances, that the age-old question of…

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