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Thanks for the Memories!

By Greg Prehodka Where have the years gone!? I purchased my (not running) MG TD (in sad shape) in 1967 for $350 while I was in college. My dad predicted it would end up in a junkyard – but he let me pursue my dream! As I restored it over the next nine years, it…



Owned, driven and maintained over the years with care and passion, these classic cars have have led to the blossoming of many great friendships. We’ve collected some lovely stories acknowledging these classic friendships, and hope you have as much fun reading them as we did 🙂 James Beal, Kent, Ohio The Last Beer With MG-TC3418…


Puerto Rico Triumph

Puerto Rico Triumph By Germán Luis Collazo Tirado     The story begins sometime around January of 1971. I was taking my girlfriend back to her house. We were both college kids, young and reckless, and chatting away, when a yellow streak in my peripheral vision caught my attention. That’s when I saw it, the…


End of the Road? Autonomous Driving and Classic Cars

Over the past week several stories have caught my attention about the future of driving. As this article is written, an Audi SUV – modified by OEM supplier Delphi – is working its way across the country from San Francisco to New York with the person in the driver’s seat only there for the ride….

Club Scene – Spring 1994

To paraphrase Monday Night Football, “Are we ready for some meetings”?! The golden Summer of 1994 stretches invitingly ahead of US with a myriad of spectacular events which ate just waiting for us to attend. If you doubt this, take a look at the page opposite, the Moss Motoring Events calendar, and if you can’t…

The Collier Cup

Regular followers will no doubt look back on the past few years as the “formative ones” in the development of our Moss Motorsports program. From humble enough beginnings, which included a small bunch of dedicated and, no less persistent, weekend racers, our sponsorship program has grown to include over twenty-five race teams and occupies a…

A Call to Arms…From the Cockpit

I make no apology for returning to this subject, after the hints we dropped in the last issue of Moss Motoring By now most of you will have heard about the proposed “clunker” bills circulating around Washington D.C. Such legislation would remove older cars from the road, and have them crushed to reduce air pollution…

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