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Cooling System Fault-Finding

Motoring grace under heat and pressure By Les Bengtson British sportscars have an undeserved reputation for being coolant geysers. One of the most common fallacies is that their radiators aren’t up to the task of preventing boil-overs. The reality is that properly functioning factory cooling systems normally do a sufficient job of keeping these cars’…

MGB Radiator Replacement

MGB Radiator Replacement The smell of warm anti-freeze and the ’62 MGB’s right-pointing water temperature gauge indicated a serious cooling problem. Lifting the hood confirmed it: green wetness adhering to the soundproofing on the bonnet’s underside. This almost 40-year-old radiator had served well and recently survived a cross-country odyssey. However, the metal top-hose outlet had…

Adding an Electric Fan

By Tom Morr Auxiliary fans are a relatively easy and affordable way to improve cooling performance. They keep the cool air flowing across the radiator’s fins, which can be particularly beneficial in stop-and-go conditions. The Moss catalog lists the recommended fan sizes for various British sportscars; our guinea-pig TR6 here takes a 14-inch kit (231-658)….

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