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Ideas Welcome: Parts Greatly Needed or Entirely Innovative

In the back of the Moss Motors facility in Goleta, California is a 3,000 sq.ft. research and development shop referred to by staffers as “the toy shop” and “the skunk works.” Only a handful of employees have keys to this secret domain, and access is restricted to the engineers, mechanics, and research staff who are…


Bob Tullius, Group 44 Inc.

Bob Tullius is legendary as a driver, race team owner and motorsports marketing innovator for Triumph, British Leyland and Jaguar. He ran one of the most successful road racing teams from the 1960s through the ’80s, and campaigned so many of our favorite cars: MGB, Midget, Spitfire, TR3, TR4, TR6, GT6, TR7, TR8 and XKE….


Triumph Friend, Joe Alexander

When vintage Triumph racer Joe Alexander launched a private e-mail list server over a decade ago for the guys he met at races, he expected to count the members on two hands. But the Friends of Triumph e-mail list has grown to over 300 members worldwide and includes such notables as former Triumph team boss…


Blake Discher – President, Vintage Triumph Register

Blake Discher’s most memorable moment in a Triumph occurred just after he crossed the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rockies. He was on his way home to Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan in his TR6 after attending the 2009 Vintage Triumph Register (VTR) national convention in San Luis Obispo, California when he came upon a flashing…


Tracy Drummond, President of the Austin Healey Club USA

Tracy Drummond fell in love with British cars at age eight while riding his bicycle. He came across a British car show in the Glenwood Springs, Colorado, high school parking lot and was mesmerized. “They were so different from American cars,” says Drummond. “They had a different sound and smell, wire wheels and tonneau covers…


Triumph TR6: An Enduring Classic

The Triumph TR6 is the final evolution of a much-loved design that dates back to 1953. By the time the TR6 made its 1969 debut, however, the design had evolved to include a beautiful German-influenced body design and smooth-sailing, inline-six powerplant. The TR6 was arguably one of the most successful sports cars to leave England,…


The Big Impact of the Mini

For a car to be produced and sold for nearly half a century, it has to have a lot going for it. The Mini, first launched in 1959, is one of the most beloved cars ever made. During 41 years of production, 5.3 million Minis were sold worldwide. When BMW launched the all-new Mini Cooper…


All Smiles for THE Bugeye Sprite

If there were an all-time award for car cuteness throughout the entire history of automobiles, the Bugeye Sprite would sweep the honors. With an almost-giggling grille smile and astonished, star-struck eyes, no other car model projects a happier disposition than the original Austin-Healey Sprite. It’s easy to imagine this little speedster as your best friend,…


Mike Cook – British Car Promoter

For more than 30 years, Mike Cook’s job was to publicize and promote British cars in America. From the height of the sports car craze in the late ’50s to the end of the era when Jaguar ownership passed to Ford, Cook helped create the image of the marques, generate media buzz, launch new models,…


Rubber-Bumper MGB: A Sensible Choice

When the rubber-bumper MGB was introduced in September 1974, many considered it to be an unworthy addition to the British sports car stable. The classic chrome accents were gone, the handling was affected by the elevated ride height and the performance was diminished. But take notice: These cars make excellent daily drivers. Plus, they can…

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