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Sprites and Midgets: Cheap and Cheerful

The most amount of enjoyment for the least amount of money Cute, fun, and affordable are the key benefits that most MG Midget and post-Bugeye Sprite owners point to proudly. Pin-sharp handling and throttle response makes drivers smile. Vintage racers and autocrossers love the power-to-weight ratio and potential for hot tuning. In production for 18…


The Man Behind the Curtain

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Having been recently forced to subject myself to public scrutiny, at least among British Motoring readers, I feel it’s my civic duty to tell you all about the real puller of levers. You see, I’m just the apparitional talking head, with fire and smoke spouting from…


Ideas Welcome: Parts Greatly Needed or Entirely Innovative

In the back of the Moss Motors facility in Goleta, California is a 3,000 sq.ft. research and development shop referred to by staffers as “the toy shop” and “the skunk works.” Only a handful of employees have keys to this secret domain, and access is restricted to the engineers, mechanics, and research staff who are…

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