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The History Of British Racing Green

by Amanda Lundquist Despite being well-known in the classic car community, British Racing Green has a bit of an air of mystery to it. It’s immediately recognizable, and yet many colors bear its name, from the lighter GN. 25 to the deep, almost black tones seen on Jagaurs. There are often jokes on forums wishing…


A Legacy of Love and Restoration

By Marissa Neely In the world of car restoration, the passage of time often intertwines with the preservation of memories, creating a tapestry of family bonds that transcends generations. It is a realm where grease-stained hands become the conduit for passing down not just mechanical skills but also a profound sense of heritage and tradition….


A Different Kind of Survivor MGB

By John Conkie I bought my 1975 MGB new in my last year of college. After graduation I was stationed as an Army officer at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Originally from the East Coast, I quickly fell in love with the natural beauty and outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest. And my MG took me on…


A Short Tale

By Ned Surleth With most of our projects hibernating during this season of winter wonder, I thought, why not snuggle up to a cozy fire with a hot-toddy and share a yarn I call the “Post-Holiday Hot Wires.” Comfortable?Here goes… Once Upon a time in a land called Tenn-Es-See there lived an old geezer who…


My Favorite Passenger

by Will Howard Since the MG TD roadster only has two seats, you must have discerning criteria for your favorite passenger. The rider must not be concerned about keeping their hairstyle neat, since the convertible top is almost always down for touring country roads. Also, it’s a must to not get carsick easily, the low…


Some Dos & Dont’s (but mostly don’ts)

By Ned Serleth This little tech article is for all you backyard mechanics who work as wholeheartedly as Ted, my friend and mentor. Unfortunately, so much of my own work, which I attempted before I found Ted, the Dalai Lama of MGA reconstructive surgery, caused me to suffer untold hours of labor that would have…


Some More Dos Than Don’ts When Working on Your MGA

by Ned Serleth Perhaps you’ve read my last DIY exposé in Moss Motoring on working on your MGA. Well, let’s ramble on and address another step of the restoration process: body repair, especially those infernal B-posts, sills, and accompanying rocker panels where rust grows like weeds in a garden, causing the body of your MGA…


Time to Rest

by Scott Lehman @bouldersprites Ice encrusts my grill at speed,Kicked up from last night’s snow;The roads are tight,I’m feelin’ right,My grip will not let go. The Sun cuts low across my path,With Earth it doth conspire;To shorten days,And chill the nights,Brings change of least desire. So I accept this might be the night,This season’s last…


Coming of Age

by Frank Barret Circa 1960 in Hanover, New Hampshire—a lovely small town nestled in the upper Connecticut River Valley and the home of Dartmouth College—there was never a shortage of interesting European sports cars, either in residence or passing through. My older middle brother, an avid reader of Road & Track, would keep an eye…


Bert Shirey Passes on the Torch

I had been on the hunt for a nice Bugeye for several years, but I knew that there was a beauty owned by fellow MGs of Baltimore car club member Bert Shirey. I made it known to him years ago that I would love to have his if it ever came time to pass the…

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