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Old Cars, Young Souls

By Emilee Crawford “First step, let’s see if they start,” a lover of vintage British sports cars says to me, the weary yet excited, girlfriend sitting beside him. It’s barely daybreak and two twenty-somethings rev the engines of their decades-old British sports cars, embarking on an ambitious road trip down south to The Mitty. Sunrise…


How to Ruin a Car Show

It’s easy. Just tell a proud owner you’re putting their car in this class, when they want to be in that one. I’ve seen it happen before, and likely been responsible myself. After hosting the British Car Festival in California for five years, and now preparing for our second Motorfest next summer, we’re still trying…


MG GT V8 – A Different Cat

The fact that the high-performance MGB GT V8 shared the same appearance as its more pedestrian siblings was deemed harmful to its position in the marketplace especially as it was difficult to distinguish the more potent car in various advertising efforts. As always with most British manufacturers, cost was an issue but it was deemed…

Beauty Mark – The MGB Coune Berlinette

From the debut of the MGB in 1962, Abingdon had worked to develop an attractive – and marketable – coupe from the roadster that could be sold alongside the open car and entice new customers into the fold for whom the standard car was impractical. Most of the primitive design studies suffered greatly in comparison…


Car Profile – Jensen GT

Jensen introduced the Jensen GT Shooting Brake in 1975 hoping to see the same success that MG realized with the BGT. With more luxurious trim and more gentrified image, the car was to sell at a higher price and generate more profits to keep the struggling company afloat. Jensen was – reportedly – losing money…


My First Sportscar

*This essay was written way back in 1984. All the cars mentioned are now just memories, except the 1968 Mercedes, which is still my favorite car and still bears the cut in the rubber bumper guard. The Alfa Romeo is now owned by the girl’s brother and is sitting in a barn waiting restoration, but…


Auction Report – H & H Auctions

Given that the overwhelming majority of British sports car production in the postwar era went to fill export orders, these cars are typically more valued in their land of creation than they are here in the United States. As such, it’s always helpful to check prices across the pond to see how the market is…


Men in Sheds – MGB Costello V8

Little known in the United States, the MGB Costello V8 is admired as one of the most historically important variants of the car produced. A skilled engineer and talented racing driver, Ken Costello saw a need to increase the performance of the standard MGB without resorting to measures that would adversely affect reliability. Costello considered…


Trip to the Holy Lands

My son Evan (22) and I went to Jerusalem, where we had a wonderful visit to the Holy Land. Then we were on to a New Jerusalem, the Holy Land for MG owners—Abingdon, England. Zachary (19), my second son, met us at Heathrow. Both of my sons are students in Santa Barbara, near Moss’ HQ in…


The Return of Miriam

For my wife and I, our first MG experience was in 1978, an Aconite 1973 roadster. In 1988, we were living in Alabama when I noticed a 1969 MGB GT for sale in the Tuscaloosa News. When I went to look at the car, it was sitting in a carport, sadly well past its prime….

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