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Bouncing Across America

by Bruce Porter The Trials of Driving a Morgan That Would Rather Have Stayed Home in Britain The plan was to pick up the brand new 1986 Morgan Plus 8 in San Francisco, where it was imported from the factory in England, and drive it back home to Brooklyn. I’d been warned, of course, that…


Morgan Factory Tour

I was never a big H.G. Wells fan, my science fiction tastes ran towards the Heinlein paperbacks my father read rabidly and left scattered about the house. To give old Herbert George his due, he did introduce the wonderful concept of the time machine to an unsuspecting world. If you want to time travel it’s…



I admit, I’m timid around people in costume. I didn’t walk up to Beth and Bill until the third time I attended Stowe. I just had to tell them thank you for the extra something special that they bring to the car show. It takes guts (though it seemed natural to them) and work to…


Popularity Contest – Your Favorite British Sports Car

Last year we asked you to determine the greatest British sports car of all time and after spirited voting the Jaguar E-Type – not unexpectedly – emerged victorious ahead of the Austin-Healey 3000 and Triumph TR6. This time we changed the call of the question: name your favorite British sports car manufactured since the end…


Driven – 1951 Morgan Plus Four DHC

Morgans do not just evoke the past, they are the past – come to life to remind us of what once was – and for a price and patience – what can be again. Against all odds, Morgan has outlasted its larger rivals throughout the years from BMC, Standard-Triumph, Rootes and eventually British Leyland; and…


A Prized Failure – Morgan Plus 4 Plus

It’s hard to comprehend – given the continued viability of Morgan even today in the 21st Century – but 50 years ago, the venerable firm at Malvern Link was ridiculed for the old-fashioned nature of their signature car. With a front suspension that was patented long before the Titanic was launched and styling that even…


Moss Morgan Challenge

Some of my friends participated in the Motoring Challenge in their MGs in 2013. It seemed like it could be a lot of fun. My wife and I thought it might be something we could do. We like touring in our car. Much more fun that sitting around at a car show. But my British…


My Morgan Adventure

It was love at first sight when I finally found my vintage Bustle Back Morgan +4. In the past, I have owned an MG TD and several Jag XKE’s, but had always been enamored with the classic Morgan +4 It has always been so elusive.

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