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Book Reviews: Winter 2007

Those Were The Days…MG’s Abingdon Factory by Brian Moylan Reviewed by Robert Rushing, MG Club of St. Louis I was trying to determine what this little gem reminded me of when I sat down to write this review. It’s not really like Ken Smith’s excellent book, Aspects of Abingdon, despite the fact that it covers the…


TR6 Rear End Re-Do: Set Up for Better Handling

If you have ever seen an old TR6 rolling down the road you might just view a toed-in, rearward lurching sports car with its weight shifting wildly between gear changes.  As an added benefit, its one of the few roadsters featuring enough oomph to produce rear wheel torque steer, something usually reserved for front hookers….


Morgan Factory Tour

I was never a big H.G. Wells fan, my science fiction tastes ran towards the Heinlein paperbacks my father read rabidly and left scattered about the house. To give old Herbert George his due, he did introduce the wonderful concept of the time machine to an unsuspecting world. If you want to time travel it’s…


Avoiding the Dreaded Healey Hotfoot

Over the years, Healeys have gotten a reputation for having a very hot cockpit. I’m here to argue that the reputation is undeserved, that heat in the interior is due to poor maintenance or careless restoration by previous owners, and that with some simple do-it-yourself repairs, you can correct this problem. The same solutions will…


Palo Alto All British Car Show

Palo Alto All British Car Show, El Camino Park, September 9, 2007 By Mike Chaput, photography by John Quilter If there was ever a place destined to host a British Car Show, it’s the college town of Palo Alto, California home of Stanford, birth place of Hewlett-Packard and most importantly the location of the Palo Alto British…

Next Project: The Mighty Sprite

By Kelvin Dodd, Global Sourcing Engineer Moss Motors As seen in June 2007 Hemmings Motor News. When you think “cute little sports car” the Bugeye Sprite just immediately springs to mind. The car just exudes cute from the smiling face to the raspy note of the exhaust. After that first impression of just how cute the…


Hero: Robert “Kas” Kastner

Robert “Kas” Kastner, founder of the Triumph USA Competition Department By Rob Mullner, photography courtesy of Kas Kastner In the second installment of our Hero feature we are spotlighting someone whose name is spoken in revered tones by Triumph racers and enthusiasts, Kas Kastner. If you have ever thumbed through a copy of the Competition Preparation Manual for…


Customer Loyalty Program Restorations: Winter 2007

Dad Can’t Keep Up By David Deboard My son Eric and I have always been close. We would play video games together and play basketball and tennis. As he entered his teen years, he would continuously beat me in video games and his interest in them began to get beyond my capabilities. In some of…


Colorado Conclave

Ride the Rockies, Arvada, CO, September 15-16 2007 By Jonathan Lane; photography by the author A few years ago, I attended the Woodley Park British Car show in Los Angeles with my friend Jeffrey, he in his TR4 and me in my Austin Healey.  As we pulled out of the park to head back up the coast,…


Fallfest 2007

Dover, NJ, September 8, 2007 By Giles Kenyon; photography by the author Well, we really lucked out with a beautiful September day at our Annual Fallfest show at our East Coast Facility in Dover N.J. Organized by three of the major local car clubs and sponsored by Moss Motors, it was a real change from…

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