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Favorite Pastimes

I had a Moss catalog with me in the Middle East and shipped parts to my parents’ house. Returning home, just days after my Desert Storm tour ended with the Army, I tore my car down to its chassis, and the long task of rebuilding and replacing began. I would say the MGA did not experience…


Adventure of Two Lifetimes

Phil and I like to sit back and marvel about what an extraordinary summer we had. In some respects it was unbelievable. We drove approximately 11,500 miles. It has been a blast, honestly we are both ready to do it again taking more time and more money! The Moss Motoring Challenge? Well, all we can…


2013 Motoring Challenge Winners

WE HAVE A WINNER! The victor of the 2013 Moss Motoring Challenge is a winner in oh so many ways! Bryan Hutchinson, the driver of a 1973 MGB named “Maggie” took on the Challenge with his family and then took it a step further. At dinner one evening I asked my girls to help answer…

Favorite Photos of the 2013 Motoring Challenge

At Moss we know British sports cars inside and out. We know our customers well, too, from having spoken to many for years and even decades. The Motoring Challenge, though, gave us here in the office a chance to see our customers using their much loved cars the way they were intended. It’s been such…


Motoring Challenge: Name That Tune

An excerpt from our Motoring Challenge Journal 10/13/2013: With the Federal Government shutdown, our San Miguel Island trip got cancelled. So what do we do with a free weekend on our hands? Hmmm. Road trip! The weekend weather looked good, so we planned our Owens Valley trip. The first stop was Quartz Hill in Lancaster….


Motoring Challenge Reflections

In Oklahoma I found myself on a turnpike between nowhere and somewhere. The crescent moon I had been chasing for the last few hours was giving way to one of those perfect pastel sunrises. The kind you only catch on a clear and crisp morning. While I was lost (both physically and mentally) no worries…

Most Creative Challenger of 2013

Whitney Sharp of Pekin, Illinois deserves a special place in the unfolding story of the 2013 Moss Motoring Challenge—and you’ll quickly see why. Many Challengers had a couple or a few photos that they we’re particularly proud of. We picked our personal favorites and have displayed them here: The Best of the 2013 Motoring Challenge….


Falling Again for my Second Love

I’d like to share a story with you. I wish I had a great one. I am just a middle age (48) father of two loving daughters with a desire to have some fun. My first MGB was a 1976 I bought when I graduated Penn State in 1989. I loved that car and my…

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