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Our Friends at Moss Europe

“…It happens all the time. It’s not unusual to send the hired car back missing a mirror.”  –Fred Lynch, Director of Operations, Moss Europe   It’s my first trip abroad ever. I’m driving all over England getting to know the Moss Europe shops—there are four in the UK and a new location in France outside…


Alcan 5000

It all seemed pretty straight-forward. Sure, it’s 4,500 miles (7,200 km) over remote parts of Canada and Alaska, but my girlfriend Jan and I love being in our 53-year-old TR4, driving it all over the back-roads and gravel lanes of Ontario. It took us all of about 10 seconds to decide to enter—we had, after…


Motoring Challenge Reflections

In Oklahoma I found myself on a turnpike between nowhere and somewhere. The crescent moon I had been chasing for the last few hours was giving way to one of those perfect pastel sunrises. The kind you only catch on a clear and crisp morning. While I was lost (both physically and mentally) no worries…



I like to think of myself as a car guy, but I did not have a special car of my own. I have three kids instead! I am, however, surrounded by some of the most serious car guys on the planet and that’s bound to have repercussions. Through of a crazy chain of events and…


LED Tech Tip: Reflector Removal

Upon converting to LED tail lights on my 1959 TR 3 A I found that the backside of the tail light lens reflector was blocking proper light emission by more than half of the lumens. To offset this I removed the glued-in reflective lens (with a Dremel tool) and now the light is even in…

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