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Pint Size Project — Voltage Regulator

Let’s talk about some other electrical topics this time. Well, actually I’ll talk and you can listen! I pretty much beat the generator subject to death last time, so I will move on to the voltage regulator control box. The repair manual would lead you to believe that these units are adjustable, but that is…


Pint Size Project — Positive Earth?

If your British car was built before 1968, it probably is wired for positive earth. That is not some kind of sixties hippie movement, but rather the practice of connecting the plus terminal of the car’s battery to the chassis as common ground. It was once thought by the English that there was a scientific…


Pint Size Project — Replacing the Steering Wheel

I spent a couple of hours today installing a Moto-Lita steering wheel on an Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8. This car was equipped with the original adjustable wheel, which was optional on some models. It is nearly the same as what came on many Triumph TR3s. In some ways it is easier to install the new wheel on…


Pint Size Project — Rear Brakes — Disassembly

What is going on with those pesky brakes? Let’s take them apart starting at the back. While the front brakes do most of the work, it is important that the rear brakes are operating properly. The hand brake really needs to be able to prevent the car from rolling, and should be able to stop…

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