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Pint Size Project — Bleeding the Brakes

It took three “Pint Projects”: Rear Brake Disassembly Rear Brake Reassembly Front Caliper Rebuild …but now all four wheels have as-new brakes! Not so fast. What about the other stuff? Brake boosters may need some attention, and a brand new one will almost certainly improve braking. Some styles of booster can be rebuilt at home,…


Pint Size Project — Brake Caliper Rebuild

Maybe after this we can get that little car down off the jack stands…maybe. I think last time we gave up on the back brakes and it’s time to move forward and rebuild the front calipers. Remove the front wheels to gain access to the disk brake calipers. Afflicted with CRS? Do one side at…


Pint Size Project — Rear Brakes — Reassembly

So your car is all jacked up and the rear brakes are in a million pieces! Okay, make sure that you have plenty of cold beer and now, let’s get that bad boy back together. This is the opportune time to clean up that backing plate, which at this point can be easily removed and…


Pint Size Project — Rear Brakes — Disassembly

What is going on with those pesky brakes? Let’s take them apart starting at the back. While the front brakes do most of the work, it is important that the rear brakes are operating properly. The hand brake really needs to be able to prevent the car from rolling, and should be able to stop…

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