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The British Invasion – Brits at the Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 might be considered America’s greatest race, but Britain has left an indelible mark on the legendary contest with multiple victories for both cars and drivers, and countless compelling story lines to enliven the story of the greatest spectacle in motorsport.   The first British citizen to win the race was Dario Resta…


Classic Threads – Suixtil and postwar racing

With the end of the Second World War in 1945, both the victors and vanquished worked to regain a sense of normalcy that had been lost with the start of the tragic conflict in 1939. Like most sporting endeavors, it took some time for motor racing to regain its antebellum popularity although there was –…


Father’s Day Gifts for the British Car Guy

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to take a look at some perfect gifts for the British car guy to give or receive this summer. While the pages of any Moss Motors catalog contain thousands of potential ideas – and a Moss Gift Certificate makes for an almost foolproof gift since we all need…

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